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How many employees do I need to hire?

Our clients hold team sizes from 3 to 13 people depending on their business requirements. We only require a minimum of 2 Cover Operation employees.

Do I need to pay liabiDo I need to pay liability insurance or any other benefits for these employees?

No. Because Cover Operation employees are based out of the Philippines and are employed under our organization, we are responsible for providing all required insurance, as well as liability insurance to cover them. There is no extra payment or one-time onboarding expense for you.

Who will communicate with me?

We will arrange a dedicated service delivery manager who is accountable for your Cover Operation team’s performance, productivity and accuracy. You will also get weekly, monthly and annual reports from them to figure out your team’s efficiency and effectiveness. Anytime you have concerns regarding operations, or you have workflow updates, you can communicate with us via email or schedule a conference call.

What if I am not satisfied after the 4 weeks free trail?

You don’t need to make any payment to us.

How long is your contract?

We have 1 year and 2 years contract options for you. You can terminate the contract anytime with no limitations or obligations with only 30 days written notification.

How much can I save?

You can save at least 50% for $17/hour employees. You don’t need to pay employee benefits, staff management, payroll taxes, extra office infrastructure and PC software expense……Most of our clients currently save 65% in employee related expenditure. You can contact us today to find out exactly how much you will save. We will discuss your needs and can provide your pricing. This can be the best insurance bpo plan in the industry.

How stable is your infrastructure?

We have established fully redundant infrastructures to make sure we don’t have downtime. Major power outages and network disconnections have never happened in our office.

Who will train the staff and what will happen if a turnover occurs?

Cover Operation designated manager will fully understand the responsibilities you are outsourcing and conduct team pre-job training, auditing and cross-training. If turnover occurs, we will manage the retraining. Rehiring and recruiting systems are in place to ensure quick turnover recovery. Furthermore, Cover Operation has the industry elite composed of outstanding management teams, a relaxed atmosphere and offers an attractive company culture with a high pay structure and numerous incentives to employees. In this way, we have minimized turnover by creating the most desirable job opportunities in the area.