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Cover Insurance Agency Business Process Outsourcing(BPO)Operation

Customized operational solutions and process optimization, increased productivity and improved profitability that will exceed your expectations.

Our Insurance Services

We understand your business challenges and focus on leveraging methods, knowledge and technology to turbo-charge your productivity.

Successful insurance companies pay only for results.

We are your trusted partner and bring our powerful tools!

We bring multiple value to client with no risks!

Insurance BPO Solutions

New Business Support


Insurance Quoting, Data Entry, Creating Proposal, Policy Issuance and More.
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Existing Business Support


Evidence and Certificate Process, Policy Checking, Endorsement and More.
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Insurance Accounting Outsourcing


Accounting and Finance Services, Direct Bill Process, Invoice Process and More.
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Claims Support


First Notice of Loss Process, Claims Adjudication, Verification, Validation Services and More.
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Reporting Process


Agent Commission, Accounting and Finance Reports, Policy Listing and More Customized Reporting
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Insurance Virtual Assistant, Robotic Process Automation in Insurance,Back Office Outsourcing.
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Save Business Operating Costs

Cover Operation offers the most competitive pricing, help you escape from the employee compensation problems including salary, employee benefit, payroll taxes…


Increase Effectiveness & Efficiency

We have access to skilled talent. We offer the latest technology, innovative approaches and creative cutting-edge solutions to boost business performance.


Liberate Your Resources & Time

Cover Operation's solution takes care of your day-to-day tasks so that your people can get away from them and have mind-space to be innovative as well as address the challenges of business.


Grow Your Business

Cover Operation offers business, clients and growth supporting solutions. You can focus on core business activities to grow top-line revenue and gain greater market share.


Build Better Relationships

Our customizable solutions assist your company to build strong partner relationships and improve employee satisfaction. You'll also be able to focus on your high-value client's issues to provide better service to your most profitable insurance customers.


Lighten Your Burden

The burden of staff turnover, training, recruiting, management and attrition will be placed on Cover Operation. We hire the best, train our talent effectively and manage them efficiently on your behalf.


Meet Global Standard

Cover Operation makes recommendations based on our customer experience and current trends. With our assistance, you will be more competitive than before.


Grow Larger Rapidly

Our processing experts become an extension of your company and adjust to your needs, which allows your enterprises to grow larger rapidly in a money saving way. You can be more flexible than you have ever been.


Optimize Operations

Our insurance experts are in the business of designing operational solutions based on careful understanding of your business needs, which improves your performance, productivity and profitability.

Customized Insurance Outsourcing Solution Drives Profit and Growth.

Never save costs by firing people, particularly when experienced employees are hard to find. By stripping out your monotonous, routine and low-value tasks, as well as the work you don’t need an insurance license to perform, you have removed the burden off your staff, liberated resources and time. Cover Operation employees become an extension of your company, adjust to your needs and infuse industry best practices into each stage. You get the capacity to take care of your clients’ needs, bringing in new clients to grow top-line revenue and earning your company reputation. 

Look back at your current fully loaded operating costs of in-house work, including salary, payroll taxes, benefits, recruiting, hiring, staff turnover, training, management supervision, attrition.­ A waste of time and resources. You need to lose those intangible, yet significant, costs by engaging us. We can be your great opportunity to make changes.

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Your Right Insurance Outsourcing Company

Selecting the right insurance outsourcing company is critical to insurance agencies’ success. Human resource expense is the main cost of most insurance entities. Cover Operation provides the best insurance service and hires 4-6 years experienced and energetic professionals to be your powerful insurance operation support. We help to you improve your productivity and reduce 40-50% business running costs.

What is Insurance Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) or Insurance Outsourcing?

Insurance business process outsourcing (BPO) is also called insurance outsourcing, insurance back office service, or insurance virtual assistant service. It is a business activity insurance entities (insurance companies, insurance agencies, and even insurance third-party claims administrators) outsource their in-house time-consuming and repetitive workload to another company to handle their daily routine operations. The main purpose of insurance outsourcing is to make the best use of all resources to make insurance entities more competitive.

Insurance entities are very interested in engaging in outsourcing as there are multiple benefits. But until 2021, there are only 53% of insurance agencies in the status of partnering with insurance BPO companies. This reveals many insurance agencies are still in a dilemma about whether to engage in insurance outsourcing or not…

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