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How Does Cover Operation Work?

1. Understand Your Business

We will take time to understand our client’s business, access requirement and operational situation. Work together with client’s key staff to analyze and create customized solutions.

2. Start New Task Testing

Cover Operation service delivery manager will make recommendations, so our client can choose the most appropriate tasks to transfer. After getting task procedures, our experienced professionals will learn and test.

3. Feedback On the Existing Process

We work closely with clients to make sure tasks are handled efficiently and accurately. Make sure no steps are missed, answer questions and address concerns from our clients.

4. Training

Conduct team cross-training where professionals share their processing experience and give hands-on training so other teammates could master client’s processes, systems and workflow in a short time. Experienced staff should get further training per your specific needs.

5. Target More Potential Projects

After we have mastered the tasks at hand, we communicate with clients to decide which tasks to transfer next. When more procedures are in place, we will start a faster cycle from training to production.

6. Reporting & Communications

Service delivery manager will send monthly reports and an annual summary to timely show our performance. We also use emails and conference calls to communicate with clients and address your concerns efficiently, make sure we are both on the same page and have smooth cooperation.

7. Make Recommendations & Refine Workflow

Once we have mastered most of the tasks, we will have insight and know-how about your operational situation. In order to improve efficiency, refine procedures and remove redundancies, service delivery manager will work with your key staff, as well as the team to refine your workflow and give advice.

8. Implement Optimization

After get clients approval, we will optimize workflow. Work with our clients to monitor performance and make sure the result exceeds the client’s expectation.

9. I.T. Security

Last but most important, our I.T. specialist will collaborate with your I.T. department to establish a customizable security solution according to your specific requirements. We make sure technology protection measures are reliable and your data is secure.

Written by Cover Operation

Cover Operation boosts insurance business performance by leveraging insurance knowledge, methodologies and technology, and helping insurance organizations as their outsourcing management team. Our team of global professionals enable agencies, MGAs, wholesalers and carriers to supercharge their performance, productivity and profitability. Cover Operation's insurance operation optimization and specific workflows will exceed your expectations of traditional insurance outsourcing in 2024.